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Nacelle Lifting Yokes

Safety is of the utmost importance when working with lifting equipment.

ENABL makes safe and cost-effective yokes designed and developed by specialists and leading experts in the wind energy industry.

With more than 21 years of experience, we develop safe solutions that optimize your processes and contribute to reducing your overall costs.



Your Benefits

Safe to use

Work at heights and manual handling of slings are elminated, leading to increased safety.

Flexible design

Simple and future-proof design with a focus on modular construction with exchangeable accessories to fit different nacelles.


Low costs compared to similar solutions owing to the use of standard elements, and reduced installation time thanks to automatic handling.

Easy to use

Simple design focusing on safety and user-friendliness reduces the risk of operating errors.

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Other Solutions

ENABL provides a wide range of Tagline Systems for safe and precise control during lifting operations.

Next to safety, the most important features of equipment for wind turbine installation is ease-of-use, reduction of the overall installation time and equipment reliability.

With over 21 years of experience, our specialists design and develop equipment that guarantee you controlled and safe lifting, even at high wind speeds.

Tagline Master Systems