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Camera Solution

Prevent work under suspended loads with new technology from ENABL.

Handling and installation of wind turbine components can be a complex process. The equipment is heavy, operating conditions are difficult, and components must be handled carefully.

To facilitate installation, ENABL has developed a wireless camera solution for increased safety during the installation of wind turbine components onshore and offshore.

Customized and developed together with a customer in the wind industry to solve the exact challenges during installation of towers, nacelles and blades.

By mounting a camera directly on the installation equipment, the process can be completely controlled from the ground by just one operator.

The wireless camera is connected to a tablet and provides the operator with an extra set of eyes.

Benefits of the camera solution

Increased safety

Prevent work under suspended loads

Fast assembly or disassembly

Flexible and fast assembly or disassembly of the cameras due to wall magnets

Customized to the environment

Customized to the tough environment during installation and equipped with ruggedized connectors

Protection of electrical equipment

All electrical equipment is stored in suitcases

Onshore and offshore

Flexible use both onshore and offshore

Easy to connect cables

Ruggedized cable connectors are mounted outside the suitcases for easier handling

Flexible operation

The system can be operated from the suitcase or by a ruggedized tablet

User friendly

We have made an effort to develop a user friendly solution

Increase Safety During Installation

The solution significantly increases safety during installation, as no personnel are required to operate in potentially hazardous areas.

In addition, the entire process can be observed more closely, thus enabling a smoother operation.

Prevent work under suspended loads

Optimize your installation

Facilitate any complex process

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