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Blade Lifting Yokes

Safe and cost-effective yokes designed and developed by specialists and leading experts in the wind energy industry.

With over21 years of experience, we develop solutions that optimize your processes and contribute to reducing the overall cost of wind energy.

In the wind industry, the time and money spent on handling and installation processes can often be reduced significantly by using special tools.

ENABL designs and delivers safe and approved yokes able to handle installation and dismounting of blades in all positions – both onshore and offshore. ENABL is the leading supplier of yokes for both single-blade and full-rotor installation.

Your Benefits

Safe to use

Working at heights and manual handling of slings are elminated, leading to increased safety. Remote control of the yoke means no personnel near the yoke during operation.

Flexible design

Simple and future-proof design with a focus on modular construction with exchangeable accessories to fit different blade types. The same yoke can be used for installation, service and dismounting purposes.


An intuitive interface (HMI) and fewer functions minimize the need for training. A simple design focusing on safety and user-friendliness reduces the risk of operating errors.


Short delivery time and low cost compared to similar solutions owing to the use of standard elements. Reduced installation time, thanks to automatic handling.

Henrik Hauge Jensen
Head of Material Management, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

"Focus on safety in all respects was naturally paramount to us in the selection process.

It was also important for us to find a supplier with a good amount of experience from the industry and preferably also with some knowledge of our company and the way we work."

Having supplied other types of lifting yokes and installation equipment to SGRE, ENABL had the experience and commitment to safety and quality that we were looking for.

Lifting Yokes with a Flexible Construction

Single-blade installation is becoming increasingly attractive, as wind turbine installation often takes place in hard-to-reach locations.
The lifting yokes from ENABL provide maximum stability during any installation and dismounting of blades, and the flexible construction provides maximum stability.


Single-blade handling during installation or dismounting of single blades. The C-yoke is a C-shaped steel construction with a compact design that allows fast assembly on site.

The yoke has an integrated tilt function making it possible to tilt the yoke to °30. The C-yoke handles the blade in a horizontal position with the up-/downwind side facing upwards.

Integrated tilt function

Steady rotation

Future-proof and scalable design

Universal Blade Lifting Yoke

The universal Aron yoke is a flexible construction providing maximum stability during blade installation and dismounting. The yoke eliminates the need for working at heights and manual handling of slings.

This leads to increased safety and reduced installation time. Due to the modular design, the same yoke can be used for various blade types and sizes.

Integrated tilt function

Active pitch function

Horizontal and vertical blade position


The SC-yoke is designed for single blade handling, during installation or dismounting of blades. The SC-yoke is a C-shaped steel construction with an optional tilt function making it possible to tilt the yoke.

The yoke easily grabs the blade with hydraulic pressure shoes specifically designed to fit the specific blade type. During operation of the SC-yoke, it is possible to control the position of the yoke with our Tagline Master System.

Custom-built to any blade type and size

4-point lift

Emergency release system

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Other Solutions

ENABL provides a wide range of Tagline Systems for safe and precise control during lifting operations.

Next to safety, the most important features of equipment for wind turbine installation is ease-of-use, reduction of the overall installation time and equipment reliability.

With over 21 years of experience, our specialists design and develop equipment that guarantees you controlled and safe lifting, even at high wind speeds.

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