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Supplier Partnership

Do you need a partner to help you bridge your gaps?

It is important to us that we make the right alliances – not only for ENABL but also for you.

An ENABL Supplier Partnership is a way to support a rapid company change, enabling you to adapt to market requirements and needs.  

ENABL can help bridge gaps by scaling your global capabilities, being your design house, improving quality, being your partner in innovation, and much more.

We build strong, mutually beneficial alliances with focus on supporting your capabilities to meet your customer needs.   

Your Benefits

Bridge gaps

Your global Design House, and Production & Service provider

Scaling partner

Strong Alliances are key when you need to scale your global capabilities

A Team for Every Task

We help you bridge gaps

Enabling you to adapt to the market

Make the right alliances

Get in touch

Do you want to hear more about what our consultant can offer to your business?

You can reach us at

You are also welcome to reach out directly to one of our Consulting salespeople.

Borja Zapico Álvarez

Sales Director, Consulting

+351 915 709 687

Ditte Svit

Sales & Marketing Manager

+45 41 77 07 51

Camilla Povlsen Nøhr

Sales Manager, Consulting

+45 42 11 89 71

Heino Holm Knudsen

Senior Sales Manager, Consulting

+45 21 40 90 30

Esben Eskerod

Director, Tech Sales, Consulting

+45 41 77 07 02

Other Solutions

Our Full Value Chain outsources full value chain scope and accountability or part value chain deliverables enable you to focus on what is core and outsource complexity, cost reduction, and non-core activities.

Full Value Chain