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Meet Service Technician Poul-Martin Havbro Nielsen


Poul-Martin is a trained mechanical technician. He joined the company in 2016 and works in ENABL’s workshop in Hedensted, Denmark. Here, Electrical Technicians, Mechanical Technicians, and Service Technicians work on state-of-the-art equipment for production, installation, transportation, testing, and service of various wind turbine components.

“I like my work because it’s versatile. I get to work on many different prototypes. The collegial community in the workshop is also great, and we are trusted to administer our own working schedules. The working conditions are excellent, and there is a great willingness among colleagues to help one another,” Poul-Martin says.

Poul-Martin’s work tasks

During his career at ENABL, Poul-Martin has been highly involved in working with lifting yokes for wind turbine blades, taking part in the entire process from assembly to on-site mobilization. Due to the great experience Poul-Martin has gained, he occasionally trains new colleagues in the mechanical work connected to the on-site mobilization of the lifting yokes.

Today, Poul-Martin is mostly occupied with working on ENABL’s Tagline Master system – a solution for safe and controlled lifting of rotors, nacelles, and blades. Poul-Martin’s responsibilities include mechanical assembly and load testing. He also performs service tasks on Tagline Master systems, either in the workshop in Hedensted or on-site across Europe.

“I usually travel 20-30 days a year. Almost everyone in the workshop travels to work on-site, so you have to be prepared for that. I have for instance worked on-site in England, Holland, and Belgium. I enjoy the on-site work because challenges which arise have to be solved within a tight schedule. When needed, we get efficient online support from the engineers. It’s always a proud moment when we finish a mobilization,” Poul-Martin says.

ENABL employee in workshop

ENABL employee in workshop

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