Online customer training results in lower carbon footprint and reduced costs

In the future, 50% of wind company ENABL’s customer and employee training will take place online. Covid-19 and border closings have meant that ENABL’s operator training in, e.g. the Tagline system, at sites around the world have had to be re-imagined.

Today, the training has largely been replaced by online training using AR (augmented reality) technology. This new approach not only lowers costs, but also reduces global air travel activity and, therefore, the company’s carbon footprint.

 In the past, ENABL’s staff travelled around the world to visit customers and trained operators in the use of ENABL’s Tagline system, which is a control system for safe and effective lifting of wind turbine components during installation.

Morten B Jensen, Head of Sales and Marketing, ENABL, says the interest in online training is growing.

“Generally, all our products and solutions need to be value-adding, but it’s also clear that reducing the carbon footprint is still a very important factor in our customers’ choice of suppliers. Through the introduction of the AR technology, I believe that over half of our training will take place online in the future. Each training session we conduct online reduces the carbon footprint in the form of less air travel and better use of both internal and external resources. Overall, there is a whole series of benefits that has resulted in the growing interest we have seen in these initiatives,” says Morten B Jensen.

Safety first

Before customers can use the Tagline system, they need to be trained in how to use it, so that operations can be carried out optimally. However, safety always comes first. For that reason, ENABL always checks that the customers’ operators have everything they need to be able to successfully complete the online training and receive the required certification.

“Lifting a turbine blade 100 meters into the air is not without risk. Whereas we used to be physically present on customer premises, this online scenario is naturally a little different. The handling and the experience need to be the same – but without compromising safety. We are constantly working to build on the concept, so we’ll be able to offer solutions we weren’t previously able to offer, with the help of other forms of communication and data collection,” Morten B Jensen explains.

AR glasses ensure good online training

Kennet Kristiansen, Service Manager at ENABL, has been instructor for the online training, where AR technology has made a huge difference. The training has four levels consisting of both theory and hands-on site training. The theory portion of the training takes place using MS Teams in groups of six to 12 people. For the practical part of the training, the customer’s operator wears AR glasses, and all communication from the site takes place over the local WIFI system.

“For the practical training, we practice container lifts, for example. With the AR goggles, the operator can share what he is seeing in real time. That way I can guide the operator, immediately and without delays during the exercises, from my location on the other side of the globe, Kennet Kristiansen says.

“Today, we talk a lot about training, but I can see many other future benefits of the solution. For example, using the technology for troubleshooting and equipment maintenance, we will be able to react and provide assistance much faster than we currently can.”