Olena Poliahai
Design Engineer

Meet Olena Poliahai

Olena Poliahai from our office in Odessa, Ukraine has been a part of ENABL since 2018.

She is working together with approximately 70 colleagues from two offices in Kharkiv and Odessa. Besides all the other ENABL colleagues from all over the world.

Olena Poliahai has a master’s degree from Zaporizhian National Technical University, and at the beginning of her career in ENABL, she worked as an electrical engineer. But one day she changed career. And one of the things she highlights about working at ENABL is the possibility to change career within ENABL.

“It is important to me to develop as a human and an employee. I have worked as a Project Manager for one year. It is a great opportunity for me to have a job within ENABL. As an electrical engineer I worked at one project at a time, and now I enjoy working with different projects and customers. I like to talk to people in different countries, control the workflow, and keep track of projects for customers,” Olena Poliahai says.

She appreciates working in the field of renewable energy.
“I enjoy working with renewable energy as I do at ENABL, because it gives my job a green perspective and I like to contribute to a sustainable future,” she tells.

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