New US blade installation record

In New Mexico, US we have installed – in cooperation with Wanzek Construction – a blade in only 25 minutes from start of the lift until the first bolt was tightened.

Our Tagline Master system was operated by an ENABL operator and tested with a team from Wanzek Construction, so the team could be familiar with the ENABL Tagline Master system and experience the benefits of the equipment.

Over two days the system was used for the installation of blades on two wind turbines.

“It was a successful installation, and I would like to thank the Wanzek team for a great cooperation,” tells Brian Marcimak, Sales Director, about the operation.

The benefits of the Tagline Master System are:

  • Increased safety due to the intelligent and 100% automatic tagline system
  • Increased weather window means less downtime and reduced installation costs
  • Fully controlled lift even at high wind speeds
  • No tagline crew needed means reduced man hours
  • Faster installation

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Watch the video from the installation right here.