New technology: Solution for transporting the world’s largest offshore wind turbine blades

Under the specifications given by GE Renewable Energy, ENABL has developed an innovative solution for transporting the world’s largest offshore wind turbine blades of 107 metres on the world’s largest installation vessel.

The blade rack is designed with completely new technology to meet the requirements of GE Renewable Energy.

Blade rack for offshore installation

Thanks to an innovative mechanism, the large blades are both easier and faster to mount and dismount in the blade rack. This feature also greatly increases safety, as there is less lifting and no risk of accident with this solution.

The newly developed blade rack from ENABL can accommodate blades for five wind turbines at once instead of the normal three.

Another newly developed and time-saving feature of the blade rack is a built-in service platform that is established as part of the structure.

“There has never been such a large blade rack. It has been incredibly exciting to support GE in the development.
There are many innovative solutions in the blade rack that allow us to move away from the traditional tip end frames, which require handling during installation,” says Jon Svenninggaard, Lead engineer at ENABL.