Meet one of ENABL’s Tagline operators Rasmus Vilhelmsen

In March 2022, Rasmus Vilhelmsen joined ENABL as Tagline Operator. When asked what he would highlight from his first nine months with ENABL, he replied:

“I have had 17 fantastic weeks of traveling to offshore projects in Taiwan, Japan, and France. I have been working with an experienced supervisor for my training. Also, I have learned to operate the Tagline Master System and to train others. We can access our systems online, so I have experienced how my colleagues in Denmark can support me when I work abroad. I like being part of an international company, improving my English skills, and cooperating across borders and cultures.”

The wind industry is attractive and exciting

Rasmus worked as a plumber before he was employed at ENABL. After seven years, he wanted a change and studied to become a Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering instead. In January 2022, he graduated and founded ENABL through his network. This is his first job within the wind industry.

“I find the wind industry and ENABL so attractive. Electricity is essential to our daily lives, and how the wind turbine generates is amazing. I would like to work within renewable energy, and sustainability, and to work in a fast-growing company like ENABL,” Rasmus says.

Installing offshore wind turbines in France, Taiwan, and Japan

Before Rasmus started working, he took GWO courses for a month and was then sent directly to France. He went there with an experienced supervisor and received offshore training in the Tagline Master System. Eventually, Rasmus learned how to operate the Tagline Master System and participated in training three operators.

After a short period of time, Rasmus went to work in Taiwan with the mobilization of the Tagline Master System. He was impressed with the travel since it was his first time in Asia.

“I was working with Tim, Taco, and Bryan from ENABL Taiwan. They were very supportive, and they also showed me around the country after work. After Taiwan, I went to Japan, where we installed 17 offshore wind turbines for a Japanese customer. I really like the fact that I can travel with my work,” Rasmus says.

Rasmus sees his potential at ENABL

Right now, Rasmus prefers hands-on work, but he can also see himself doing engineering office work in the future.

“My learning curve is steep, and I really like the challenges. I use my mechanical skills when we mobilize equipment and my electrical skills for troubleshooting. By working onsite and in the workshop, I get familiar with the wind industry and our equipment. It is also preparation for the future if I want to work as an engineer in the service and maintenance department later in my career,” Rasmus says.

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