Meet our marine engineering intern Kristian Hjerrild Severinsen

Kristian Hjerrild Severinsen, a marine engineering student from Fredericia College of Marine and Technical Engineering, is now doing his internship with ENABL. Soon, he will graduate and afterward officially join ENABL.

What tasks did he have and how would he describe his internship?

The hands-on task for welding machines

In the first two months of his internship, Kristian was mainly helping a tower manufacturer by doing troubleshooting, debugging, and documentation after correcting errors for the welding machines. Here, he was using his electrical skills and knowledge. With help from a technician and a PLC programmer, he also gained knowledge of production equipment for the wind industry.

Kristian highlights that practical experience is essential to him.

“It’s nice to have hands-on tasks because I can see the difference between theory and a real-life situation. What you learn from a book is, of course, important, but it’s always different when you see the challenges in real life,” Kristian says.

Impressive demobilization in Norway
Demobilization of ENABL D6 Traverse on a crane

Demobilization of ENABL D6 Traverse on a crane

After his first two months, Kristian was informed that he was assigned to do a demobilization task in Norway together with a reliable and skilled team. This was surprising to him since he didn’t opportunity. He started to and prepared the lifting plan and went to Norway for a week with the team.

Kristian’s task was to demobilize the ENABL D6 Traverse on a crane. When he first worked on-site, he was very impressed.

“I had never seen the equipment in real life before. A guy who is two meters tall looks so petite next to the traverse,” Kristian says. He was amazed by seeing the real size of the equipment. What’s more, he found the experience beneficial in many aspects.

Demobilization of ENABL D6 Traverse on a crane

Demobilization of ENABL D6 Traverse on a crane

“This task was definitely enjoyable for me since I could follow it all the way from designing and making plans to the final demobilization. In that way, I gained skills, and I learned about project management. Also, I like the fact that it’s challenging.”

Kristian is proud that he could make the demobilization with the team from planning to finishing the task.

Ebbe Andreas Grønbæk, Operator in ENABL, also gives him credit:

“I worked with Kristian throughout the duration of the demobilization in Norway. Kristian was very professional and very well-organized. Everything was planned in detail. This meant that everyone always knew their tasks when on site. Other than that, Kristian has a great spirit, which is highly appreciated when working abroad as a team.”

Demobilization of ENABL D6 Traverse on a crane

Demobilization of ENABL D6 Traverse on a crane

Kristian will begin his career at ENABL

Now that Kristian’s internship is coming to an end, he is writing his thesis based on a new project. Due to his excellent performance, he will begin his career as Operation Manager at ENABL after he graduates next year.

We are more than happy to have him onboard, and we are looking forward to following his work in the future.

Demobilization of ENABL D6 Traverse on a crane