Meet our employees: Skilled Technician Endre Dudás transitions from onshore to offshore projects

Endre DudasEndre Dudás and seven skilled technicians from ENABL Hungary participated in Tagline Master Training at our Headquarters in Hedensted, Denmark.

The demand for skilled Tagline Master operators is skyrocketing worldwide, and to support this, we provide training to even more technicians in our organization.

Endre Dudás comes with an engineering background from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and lives in Budapest. His working experience includes 5 years as a technician in engineering companies and 5 years at Siemens as Wind Turbine Technician and Team Lead.

“I really enjoy expanding my knowledge about the Tagline Master System, to support our customers in the installation of wind turbines. Until recently, I have for many years only been a technician on onshore projects. Due to the training, I can add Tagline Master Operator to my CV, enabling me to contribute to our customers’ success in offshore installations,” Endre Dudás says.

Endre Dudás went to Offshore Wind Farm Changfang and Xidao (CFXD2) in Taiwan with colleagues and very experienced staff to achieve practical Tagline Master training. In Taiwan, the group of technicians supported our customers with operating the Tagline Master System for the installation of towers, nacelles, and blades.

At the project in Taiwan, they worked in a rotation of 3 weeks onsite and 3 weeks at home. Therefore, Endre will be going home to Budapest – when the project ends in January – with more experience and training in offshore wind turbine installation.