Meet our Employees: Petyo Minchev, Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, we have a colleague, Petyo Minchev, who has been promoted several times since he was employed in ENABL in August 2019 (SONNE until the merger in 2021).

Peyto’s journey in ENABL began as FEA Structural Engineer. In November 2021, he became Lead FEA Structural Engineer of our Bulgarian team which recently moved into a new office in Sofia with the capacity of 120 employees in total.


From February 1, 2022, Peyto’s professional path took a direction into Team Lead of FEA and part of Design department.

Petyo Minchev

Huge potential in the wind industry

“After of the merger into ENABL, I saw the fastest transformation of a growing company with a huge potential to develop in almost every area in the wind industry,” Peyto says.

Before he joined ENABL, Petyo worked eight years as a Design Engineer and two years as a FEA Design Engineer. In addition to his education, Petyo has a master’s degree of Computer Aided Design and Technology in Machine in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Sofia.

Nice atmosphere at the office

Despite the COVID-19 situation, Petyo personally feels that ENABL gives him one of the most important things: a healthy-safe and stable base for an excellent work environment.

“We have a very nice atmosphere at the office, and it is a huge pleasure to work together with such an experienced team,” Petyo tells.

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