Meet our Employees: Anton Maribo, Denmark

Mechanical Engineer Anton Maribo went for the wind industry and advanced engineered equipment

Back in 2020, Anton Maribo was pursuing a company for his diploma work as Mechanical Engineer at Aarhus University. A fast-growing wind industry together with awesome equipment, ticked off the boxes on Anton’s checklist when he started the dialogue with ENABL (at that time Eltronic Wind Solutions).

An agreement with a diploma work was soon closed with ENABL, and the task was clear; Design and concept development of a cost-reduced lifting yoke for onshore installation.

Anton Maribo

“I had a great time in ENABL with my diploma work. I joined the office in Hedensted, where I got resources and feedback from my highly skilled colleagues. I also had a chance to explore the innovative environment in ENABL” Anton Maribo tells.

In fact, Anton’s project did not end at his diploma work. The project continued with the development of a final concept. “I was told that orders were received on the onshore lifting yoke, which was extremely satisfying,”  Anton says.

Today, Anton is working at ENABL as a Mechanical Engineer. He is working closely with colleagues where he is designing and developing rotators for heavy structures for a client in the wind industry. He is excited about getting a chance in the very same fast-growing wind industry that he pursued as a student with great success some years ago.