Meet our young talent Nanna Cecilie Bach

Nanna Cecilie Bach, a consultant at ENABL, participated in a panel at Aarhus University on September 9th for the newly started engineers in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Design Engineering, and Civil Engineering. There, she met about 300 young engineering students and inspired them by talking about her experience as a consultant at ENABL.

From a full-time consultant to a student worker, let’s take a look at her journey with ENABL.

One-year full-time consultant at ENABL

With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Aarhus University and a huge interest in sustainability and green energy, Nanna was ready to start her professional life. She started her career as a consultant at ENABL. “I highlighted to the engineering students that one of the things I like a lot about being a consultant is the fact that my tasks are always changing. Right now, I’m hired to do specific tasks on one project, but in a few months I can be working on another project,” Nanna says.

She also unexpectedly found a new interest in a field she wasn’t so familiar with before getting the job at ENABL. “When I started to work at ENABL, I was put on a monopile project. I was put in charge of the design of the six different welding heads. I was surprised by how interesting I found it working with welding machines for tower and monopile production.” Nanna thinks it was a great opportunity for her to work with new things, and she was lucky to find another type of machine she was excited about building.

Chasing a master’s degree while being a student worker

“I have a very good relationship with my manager, Morten Bjørslev, and we had a talk about my dreams for the future at the firm. I could tell I wasn’t done specializing myself. Therefore, I wanted to go for a master’s degree, and we came up with a plan for me to stay at the firm while doing that.” Nanna stopped working full-time at ENABL at the end of August and started working as a student worker instead while she takes her master’s degree in science at Aarhus University.

“To be honest, it’s a bit hard for me to find time to both study and work, and it was a tough decision not to work full-time anymore. But since I really like this industry and ENABL, I decided to stay as a student worker, and I definitely see myself coming back as a full-time employee, if possible,” Nanna says. To Nanna, it is important that she can work with passion. She will keep her relationship with ENABL, and she plans to return after studying.

We appreciate it very much when our young engineers stand up and present ENABL to new students within engineering, and we look forward to having Nanna as a full-time employee again in the near future.