Meet Juan, a Columbian student who collaborates with ENABL on his master’s thesis

Juan Carvajal, a talented student from Colombia, arrived in Denmark to study in 2021. He majors in MSc Electronics Engineering at SDU with a full scholarship and has recently moved from Sønderborg to Varde for his thesis collaboration with ENABL.

Juan fostered the SDU-ENABL collaboration based on a passion for windJuan Carvajal

In 2015, as a student majoring in BSc Electronics Engineering & BSc Mechanical Engineering, Juan’s interest in wind power rose. Taking electives in wind power and aerodynamics, he found wind power to be crucial in combating climate change, and he saw opportunities for him to apply his knowledge. This passion persisted throughout his master’s in Denmark. With a comprehensive understanding of wind turbines, he is ready to embrace challenges in the wind industry.

By the end of 2022, Juan was looking for a company to collaborate with on his thesis. He eventually met ENABL at an Internship and Project Day at SDU Sønderborg. Having had an exciting talk with an HR Consultant and a Mechanical Engineer from ENABL, Juan decided to collaborate with ENABL and write his master’s thesis based on one of ENABL’s projects. Juan immediately suggested his idea to SDU and got approval. He has now started his journey at ENABL as a student worker and is simultaneously working on his thesis.


The digital twins: Juan drives innovation and personal growth at ENABL

As a student worker, Juan supports ENABL in innovating. Under the supervision of his manager, Annette Fras Kjærgaard, Juan’s primary task is to develop the digital twins which simulate how our equipment and machines work, all in an effort to save time and avoid extra costs.


“This is the first time I have had a student worker who has a background in both electrical and mechanical engineering in my team. It is such a great asset to our innovation,” Annette Fras Kjærgaard says, “Juan is very intelligent. He has brought us a lot of inspiration with his newest knowledge and strong passion. I’m thrilled that he reached out to us and fostered this collaboration.”


Juan is satisfied with his work in many ways and particularly highlights that he has helpful colleagues he can confer with at any time.

“There are 5-6 colleagues in my office, and they are all very involved and familiar with the project which I’m working on. I have a lot to ask, and they are always willing to help, even though they are busy with their own tasks. I have truly learned a lot from my colleagues, and I’m very thankful for them,” Juan says.

“After I’m done with my studies, I want to join ENABL as a full-time employee. The dynamic and nurturing environment at ENABL really speaks to me. I believe I can grow even more than I have already grown here.”

We are happy to be able to share a story like Juan’s, and we are sure that future cooperation with Juan will be exciting.

Juan at Esbjerg