10-year jubilee – Henrik Madsen:“The complex tasks motivate me”

Meet Henrik Madsen, Mechanical Technician at our workshop in Hedensted building prototypes. Today, we caught up with him beside the robots. Mechanical work is what he excels at, particularly on production equipment for the wind industry.

Ten years ago, Henrik joined Eltronic Group and ENABL, and now he is bringing over 35 years of outsMechanical Technician Henrik Madsentanding mechanical skills to support our customers. Even when faced with complex tasks, he perseveres until a solution is found.

Traveling the world from Europe, the US, the Caribbean, and Singapore, solving mechanical tasks in close cooperation with our customers has significantly influenced and developed Henrik’s skills in the wind industry.

“On the very first day 10 years ago the travels started. I was asked to go to the UK. A mobilization needed support, so I boarded a plane with my new colleagues and assisted in the mobilization of a traverse on a vessel,” says a smiling Henrik Madsen.

Henrik Madsen recalls his first projects: the assembly of a blade lifting yoke IRIS for Siemens Gamesa, and the assembly of the very first Semi-Automatic Sander prototype.

“The assembly of the Semi-Automatic Sander was fantastic because it was interesting to follow the process from the development of the prototype to the final test at the customer site. In general, I like to follow the equipment from the assembly in the workshop, the FAT, and the final SAT,” Henrik says.

For the last few years, Henrik has been occupied with the mechanical assembly of production equipment for Vestas and Siemens Gamesa.

“The complex tasks motivate me in all our projects. The prototypes we develop are complex and challenging. Sometimes the errors seem unsolvable, but our teamwork in the workshop and the collaboration with the engineers always seems to end with a solution!” Henrik shares.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Henrik on his 10-year jubilee.