Daniel Juhl Busk – From a hard-working farm assistant to Mechanical Lead Engineer

Daniel was employed in February 2022 just after his graduation. From a student worker to an intern, and finally a full-time employee as a Mechanical Engineer. If you are curious about his way into ENABL, here is the story of Daniel.

A practical and unique work combined with studies

Daniel Juhl Busk was a hard-working farm assistant before he started studying mechanical engineering. During his 2nd semester at VIA back in 2019, ENABL was looking for mechanical student workers. Daniel immediately applied since he was curious about the job, and he got an unexpected offer.

He worked when he had time off school, and full-time on vacations. His main task was conversion work, such as 2D/3D drawing, redrawing from SolidWorks to Inventor, etc., but he also got the chance to go to our workshop since he was working at our office in Hedensted.

“I don’t work only in front of the computer. I communicate with the assembly team so we can cooperate better in the design phase,” Daniel says. He thinks this experience gave him a big interest in the wind industry and in mechanical engineering.

A constant level-up from his internship

During his education, he kept working as a student worker for two years. As soon as he reached the 5th semester, he applied for an internship at ENABL. From there, he felt a difference. He had mentors such as Jacob and Jon supporting him. He had the opportunity to work on various tasks, and he felt like a member of the team.

“I don’t like to always work within the same frame, and I do love the challenges of designing and developing our site equipment,” Daniel says.

Daniel really enjoyed working here, the learning curve was steep, and he played a larger role at the end of his internship. Therefore, he applied for a full-time job after his internship.

At ENABL, we were pleased to see that Daniel started immediately as a full-time employee after finishing his education.

“I also appreciate that ENABL gave me the chance to work here at the very beginning. It was the right choice for me, and the travel with ENABL has been great and very developing for me personally and professionally,” Daniel says.

We hope Daniel’s story can inspire more young talents.