From ENABL China to ENABL Denmark – Ben and Yong Cheng’s 4-months exciting journey

In August, two new faces arrived at our workshop in Hedensted – Ben and Yong Cheng. A lot of attention has been drawn, not just because of their Chinese look, but mainly because of their excellent work. But who are they, and what are they doing here?

Senior Service Engineer and Lead Technician at ENABL China

Ben has worked as a Senior Service Engineer at ENABL for a year, and Yong Cheng as a Lead Technician for more than 5 years now.

“At ENABL China, we always get high-rated feedback from our customers in the wind industry.  We are proud of providing professional and efficient service every time,” Yong Cheng, who got his English name Speedy from his astonishing working speed, says.

“During the pandemic, we had a lot of challenges, but it couldn’t stop us from progressing. We met a customer’s exact needs successfully within a strict timeframe,” Ben says. They both feel proud that they have delivered satisfying work at ENABL China.

Learning and training at ENABL Denmark to transfer core knowledge and competencies to China

“We had a chance to go to the workshop in Denmark this fall. We would love to see the difference between how Chinese and Danish people work and be able to bring knowledge back to China,” Ben says. They arrived in Denmark in August, and they are staying until November.

As Ben said, the purpose of their stay is to learn and train in Denmark and to bring back what they have learned to China for the future. Additionally, they can meet their Danish colleagues, with whom they usually cooperate via e-mail and telephone, face to face.

Until now, they have been working on the following:ENABL Rotators with Chinese technicians

  • General training in our safety procedures and politics
  • Assembling and commissioning of welding equipment for Asian customer
  • PLC training
  • Tagline Master training for the coming offer in the Chinese market
  • Blade Clamp service, inspection and training

During these 2 months, their outstanding performance has been absolutely recognized by their colleagues, and they believe what they learned can be well-exploited in China.

“This trip is definitely meaningful for further development at ENABL China. For example, the sales and aftermarket department will introduce the Janett project to us so that we can get an overview both electrically and mechanically and get ready for the assembly of Janett 9 in China,” Speedy says.

After this trip, ENABL China will be able to solve similar tasks satisfactorily. Therefore, we have no need to send employees from Denmark every time,” Jesper Skouboe, Manager of Resource & Planning, says.

The enjoyable trip also in a cultural way

“It’s a pleasure to work with our Danish colleagues, they are easy-going and professional. It is also exciting and challenging to learn and work in a completely different working environment, in a different culture,” Speedy says.ENABL Rotators with Chinese technicians

Speedy really appreciates this trip, not only because he gains professional knowledge but also because he can feel the cultural difference. Meanwhile, Ben has the same opinion.

“This is the first time I’ve been to Denmark, and I can already see a lot of interesting facts about Danish people, for instance, that they have a more flexible schedule. They have a good work-life balance, and most importantly – they really love cake,” Ben says.

No doubt, it is a delightful journey for both. We appreciate Ben and Speedy’s contribution to Denmark, and we hope to see their outstanding performance in China in the future.

Rotators with Chinese technicians


Rotators with Chinese technicians