Mechanical Site Lead Søren Andersen manages assembly and installation of monopile production equipment

Mechanical_Site_Lead_Søren_AndersenENABL’s Mechanical Site Lead Søren Andersen is a busy man, who is currently working at the premises of one of our customers. Søren is managing a team of 17 employees – consisting of internal and external manpower – and is committed to creating a great working environment even though the work can be hectic at times.

The team is working on the assembly and installation of ENABL’s monopile production equipment, consisting of Welding C&B with top support, Welding C&B Long seam/Round seam, Welding Portals, and Welding Lances.

In his job, Søren uses his large network to solve any challenges which arise. In August, he managed to get permission to use a new road before its official opening due to the delivery of the very long Welding Lances.

“It is very hectic and busy, and I need support from a lot of colleagues to succeed in the job. We have new challenges every day, and we always need to be adaptable. I get great support from my Assistant Lead Erik Lauritzen. Purchaser Lotte Fischer is also extremely important to me and is doing an excellent job in terms of support,” Søren says.

“Project Manager Thor Flade and the Engineering team also provide me great support. They take responsibility and help solve challenges in the best way possible,” Søren adds.



ENABL_monopile_production_equipment ENABL_monopile_production_equipment