Magnus Nielsen
Intern in the workshop

Meet our young and excellent intern Magnus Nielsen

Are you also a young and motivated student looking for an exciting and meaningful internship? Are you curious about how an internship at ENABL would be? Here we are to meet Magnus.

“Among 20 other companies in the wind industry that appeared in Google, I found ENABL the most attractive. I like the fact that both Manufacturing, Engineering and Service are offered in ENABL” tells 23-year-old Magnus.

Magnus has almost finished his internship at ENABL. He needs this mechanical and electrical hands-on internship in order to study Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering.

A comprehensive mechanical and electrical training

Magnus thinks, ENABL provided sufficient practical training, both electrically and mechanically. From assembling small parts for camera solutions to a gigantic Janett blade lifting yoke and also testing tagline equipment. He has now a comprehensive understanding of how companies work in the real industry.

Besides, ENABL is not only professional and knowledgeable for him but also inspiring and enjoyable.

“We are so happy that we had such an excellent intern. He finished the tasks perfectly and ask for more duties. He asked specifically for electrical work, so I planned for that”  Resources Planner Maria Hougaard tells.  Magnus was grateful to her, since he could ask Maria for duties which he is interested in, and not always the same tasks. With our supportive and reliable team in the workshop, he never feels lost and discouraged.

Open opportunities and abroad experience

During his internship, he had also opportunities to work abroad. He attended a service and repair job in the Netherlands, where he handled challenging work.

“I would like a flexible workplace like ENABL, instead of always being at the same place. I would like to travel with my work when I’m young and experience the diversity.” Magnus tells.

Magnus is satisfied with his internship and has now signed a working flex contract as part-time and keeps his relationship with ENABL while studying, our team in the workshop in Hedensted is thrilled with that agreement.

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