Leif Jensen celebrates 20-year anniversary with ENABL

On October 1, 2003, Leif Jensen joined Eltronic, one of ENABL’s fellow subsidiaries under Eltronic Group. 20 years have passed since then, and Leif has made his way through the group – from Eltronic to Eltronic Wind Solutions and ultimately to ENABL. Now, he is celebrating his 20-year anniversary.

Decades of automation 

At ENABL, Leif works as an Automation Specialist – a field of work which has taken up the majority of his career. Leif is primarily concerned with ENABL’s Production Equipment, bringing his competencies to play within robotics, automation, and digitalization.

A big part of Leif’s work consists of product development. When working on new products, Leif oversees automation and controlling, and he functions as the link between multiple disciplines, for instance mechanical design, electrical hardware design, and software.

“Among other products, I have been involved in the design, implementation, commissioning, and promotion of our Semi-Automatic Sander, which was first produced in 2016. With the Semi-Automatic Sander, we took a big step in moving from customized products only to actually developing a standard product. It ended up becoming a great door opener for us to several customers,” Leif explains.

At the moment, Leif is involved in the development of a number of production equipment prototypes, all of which are configurable standard products that cater to the general wind industry.

Growth and travelling across the world

When Leif joined Eltronic in 2003, he was part of the tentative beginnings of the group. Leif started his journey within the wind industry and with robotics through a project for a customer in the wind industry in which he worked on a robotic facility for carbon fiber production.

Over the past 20 years, Leif has experienced rapid internal growth – from working at the, back then, newly established Eltronic to working at ENABL which, today, has more than 800 employees.

“When I started working here 20 years ago, we were focusing our efforts on Danish customers. When I joined Eltronic Wind Solutions, I was even the only employee engaged in automation for a few years. Today, ENABL partners with and provides its services to wind industry companies across the world. Witnessing this global growth firsthand has been really impressive,” Leif says.

To Leif, ENABL’s global outreach entails a lot of travelling, and the past 20 years have provided him with many great experiences abroad.

“I am not the type of person to sit still at the office every day. I enjoy taking part in projects from the cradle to the grave. To me, that involves visiting customers to understand their needs, check up on existing projects, and gather feedback,” Leif says.

At ENABL, we are very appreciative of Leif’s great contributions throughout the years, and we are happy to congratulate him on his 20-year anniversary.