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From Marketing Intern to Executive Management Assistant: Lea Lan’s steep learning curve

In September 2022, Lea Lan had her first day at ENABL – as an intern in the Marketing department. Back then, she was studying for an AP degree in Marketing Management and needed to complete an internship as part of her studies.

“I saw the marketing internship at ENABL on the job portal which my school runs. When I went to check out ENABL online, I got a really good impression from the many professional case stories and the overall look. It was also interesting to me that ENABL was present in several countries. I am from China, so when I saw that ENABL had a location there, I thought I might be able to support the collaboration with the Chinese entity too. So, I applied. Back then, I had no idea that my internship would spiral the journey that I’ve been on with ENABL by now,” Lea says.

Professional growth from a palette of opportunities

Throughout her internship in ENABL’s Marketing department, Lea was involved in planning and creating both internal and external communication and marketing materials. For instance, she conducted interviews and wrote employee stories, prepared LinkedIn posts, and completed graphical tasks. She also made use of her Chinese native tongue by translating English material into Chinese and acting as an interpreter for Chinese colleagues and customers.

“Lea has worked with internal and external communication and has learned how important internal communication is in a global company. She has received training and access to all our marketing tools. Conducting interviews with many of our employees has also been on her task list, allowing her to gain great wind industry knowledge. She has ultimately learned to communicate professionally in accordance with our brand guide,“ Kirsten Sinding, Marketing Coordinator, says.

When Lea’s marketing internship came to an end, she was offered to stay in the Marketing department as a Student Worker. When her Student Worker contract was running out, a new opportunity arose yet again. ENABL’s Leadership Team was looking for an Executive Management Assistant. Lea’s reputation had preceded her, and she was soon offered to take on the position as a part-time employee while completing her top-up degree in International Sales and Marketing.

In her new role as Executive Management Assistant, Lea is supporting the ENABL Leadership Team with everything from booking meetings and coordinating with customers to drafting new initiatives and plans for the business.

“Thanks to my managers and my colleagues, I have faced a very steep learning curve at ENABL. In the Marketing department, I learned how to use a lot of marketing tools, and I got to test out my skills in practice. In my position as Executive Management Assistant, I can use some of the things I learned in the Marketing department, but I’m also learning a lot about running a company and cooperating across professions. Throughout my time with ENABL, I’ve been taught so much about the business, and I have been trusted with great responsibility. I can really tell that my colleagues have faith in me and want me to succeed, and I appreciate it a lot. It helps me with my professional growth,” Lea says.

A great place for students

According to Lea, ENABL is a great employer and cooperation partner for students.

“I have learned so much at ENABL. It is of great value to me to be able to actually get involved in a real business and learn to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. I am building up my professional network, and I have gotten access to so many tools and so much industry knowledge which you just don’t get at school. I’m very thankful to my previous manager Kirsten, who offered me the opportunity to join ENABL at the very beginning,” Lea says.

During her time with ENABL, Lea’s interest in the wind industry has grown tremendously, and she is keen to continue working with wind.

“I’ve always wanted to somehow work with sustainability, so I was really excited to join ENABL. To me, there’s a higher purpose to working here and to working within the wind industry in general. You get to take part in enabling the green transition, and you become part of the power that builds a more sustainable future. The wind industry just has so much to offer,” Lea concludes.

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