On October 1, 2023, Kenneth Erik Lauritzen celebrates his 10-year anniversary with ENABL.

Kenneth, Advanced MDM Consultant, is one among many who transitioned from BIIR during the 2021 merger in which ENABL was formed. An accomplished expert in Master Data Management, Kenneth holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. His extensive wind energy experience of 23 years includes past roles in both Vestas and Siemens. Kenneth’s overseas experience in China, Spain, Italy, and USA and his expertise in nacelles and hubs have come in handy in executing critical projects.

Kenneth has witnessed first-hand the expansion of ENABL into a global organization with 800+ employees. The culture, people, and competencies of ENABL has made work life interesting and engaging. In Kenneth’s words, the culture of collaboration and support at ENABL is making a huge difference to efficiency

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have Kenneth as part of our team for over a decade. Kenneth’s journey began at BIIR and continued at ENABL, where he showcased exemplary expertise in Master Data Management. His skill set encompasses a diverse range of tasks, from crafting effective KPIs to meticulously handling data quality measurements, Engineering Change Management, and optimizing ERP systems and processes. Kenneth’s prowess in managing complex data and troubleshooting system challenges is truly exceptional. Beyond his technical abilities, he embodies the value of support, always ready to assist customers and colleagues alike. It is a true pleasure to work with Kenneth,” says Anne-Mette Nils Ebbesen, Senior Engineering Manager.

As we cherish the role of experts like Kenneth who continue to contribute to ENABL’s success, we look forward to strengthening our relationships and endeavour to maintain culture and environment at ENABL, reasons that set the stage for long relationships.

Join us in congratulating Kenneth’s journey of one decade as we extend our wishes towards the success in his professional life.