From intern to Senior Electrical Engineer: Jeppe celebrates 10-year anniversary with ENABL

“I have been part of the group since I started here as an intern in 2013,” Jeppe Bjerglund Bjerregaard, Senior Electrical Engineer at ENABL, says.

Ten years have passed since then, and Jeppe is now able to celebrate his 10-year anniversary with ENABL.

Experience across the group

Jeppe is a skilled electrician and has a degree in Automation Engineering. As part of his studies, he completed an internship with Eltronic A/S – one of ENABL’s fellow subsidiaries in Eltronic Group – and was subsequently offered a fulltime position as Automation Engineer in the electrical hardware team.

Back then, ENABL wasn’t born, but one of the branches in Eltronic A/S was dedicated to wind industry projects. Here, Jeppe had his first encounter with the wind industry. When ENABL saw the light of day in November 2021, Jeppe had built a great interest in the industry, which prompted him to take on a position as Senior Electrical Engineer in ENABL.

Electrical design across a variety of equipment
Jeppe Bjerglund Bjerregaard

In his position at ENABL, Jeppe occupies himself with the electrical hardware which goes into the many types of equipment ENABL develops.

“Among other things, I design, draw, and make calculations for electrical systems. At ENABL, I’m part of the entire design process, from first sketch to final product,” Jeppe explains.

Over time, Jeppe has worked on many different projects. He has, for instance, been involved in the electrical design of generator testers, lifting yokes, and welding portals. Jeppe also manages and updates IMS documents to keep ENABL up to date on the electrical rules and standards.

“Jeppe has great technical experience when it comes to the design and installation of control panels. With his knowledge about standards and associated challenges as well as his structured approach to tasks, he helps elevate the solutions which ENABL delivers,” Dennis Greve, Jeppe’s Manager, says.

A great collaboration facilitator

The Automation team consists of both software and hardware employees, who collaborate closely on all automation tasks.

“Through my degree in Automation Engineering, I have gained knowledge of PLC software, and this is definitely an advantage to me when it comes to collaborating with my software colleagues,” Jeppe says.

Automation Manager Dennis Greve agrees:

“Jeppe is a great sparring partner to everyone in the team, and he is great at providing input for our solutions, be it electrical or mechanical. He makes sure that everyone in the team follows the same guidelines, ensuring high quality in our solutions.”

At ENABL, we are happy to have Jeppe on board and to congratulate him on his 10-year anniversary.