From Intern to Mechanical Design Engineer, Casper never stopped building new skills

Casper Henningsen works as a Mechanical Design Engineer at ENABL. He started as an Intern at BIIR in 2020 (one of the companies which merged into ENABL), was then employed as a Student Worker at ENABL, and finally joined ENABL as a Mechanical Design Engineer in April 2022.

“I am very happy that I joined BIIR as an Intern and eventually landed a full-time position,” Casper says.

Responsibilities and freedom for development as a student

Mechanical Design Engineer Casper Henningsen, ENABLDuring Casper’s internship, he was mainly working on 3D constructions in SolidWorks and 2D drawings, preparing them to be sent out to customers. In the beginning, he only had small design assignments.

After gaining more experience with various tasks, he was handed a task to be performed for a renewable energy storage customer within a timeline of two and a half months.

“As a young student, it was amazing to be given the responsibility for a customer together with my colleagues and with support from my manager,” Casper says.

Casper was very satisfied with his internship and was luckily able to continue as a Student Worker at ENABL.

“The amount of work was perfect for me since I had my studies at that time. I had around 10 hours of work a week, helping with different projects. Sometimes it’s hard to cope with a student job with too little work, but at ENABL I didn’t have this problem. The amount of work was a perfect fit for my schedule,” Casper says.

“After the internship, I also realized that I had an interest in concept development and 3D constructions, and I was so privileged that I had the opportunity to choose relevant tasks that I would love to work with.”


Became PDM Administrator and constantly built skills

Casper joined ENABL full-time after he graduated in 2023.

“We are very lucky to be so privileged that our interns choose to stay with us and become part of the team. It brings new energy and spirit into the company. Casper has worked hard all the way and been very open to trying out new areas and tasks,” Anne-Mette Nils Ebbesen, Casper’s manager, says.

Anne-Mette Nils Ebbesen, ENABL

From April to November, he supported a big project for a German turbine manufacturer, in which he cooperated with colleagues from our Bulgarian and Ukrainian engineering centers.

After the project was successfully handed in, Casper started to contribute to the development of ENABL’s internal Product Data Management system. With the guidelines and system upgrades that Casper and his colleagues have made, our engineers and technicians are able to share knowledge in their daily work and get support when they are at a customer site. Casper truly enjoys when he can support colleagues in finding smarter ways to work.

Based on Casper’s interest and skills in PDM development, he became the PDM administrator, and ENABL provided him with an external PDM course which helps him build solid skills.

“As a newcomer to the job, it is so nice that ENABL trusted my abilities, gave me opportunities to work within the field that I’m interested in, and provided me courses to grow my further skills. Now, I’m looking forward to working with a combination of different projects and PDM development,” Casper says.

We are happy to share this story with you from one of our young engineers. At ENABL, we look forward to further cooperation with Casper and to seeing his professional and personal development.