Promoted to Team Lead, Ievgen Peleshko

levgen Peleshko from ENABL’s Ukrainian team has been promoted to Team Lead

On January 1st, 2022, the Ukrainian FEA team got a new Team Lead.

Ievgen Peleshko was promoted from his former position as a consultant and Mechanical FEA Engineer. For the past six years, Ievgen has worked as a consultant for one of ENABL’s large customers in the wind industry. Now he is ready to take on the task of leading 35 employees in the Ukrainian office.

“I will keep working as a consultant for the client a bit longer. I have worked for them for so long, so it is important to hand over my work properly. However, I will gradually leave my former position and work 100 % as a team lead, which is a great challenge for me,” Ievgen says and continues:

“Another responsibility in ENABL is to support my colleagues in calculations in the Ansys system and, hopefully, I can continue this work in my new position”.

A lot of things have happened in ENABL Ukraine over the past six years.

“When I started, there were 15 employees altogether and managers weren’t needed the same way as we do today. Now the team consists of 80 employees located in Odessa and Kharkiv. It is challenging to manage so many people and that is why we need more team leads,” Ievgen explains.

Close collaboration with universities

After finishing university, Ievgen Peleshko worked at the university as a lecturer.

“I have been teaching students for eight years and some of my former students are now working for ENABL. It is important that we continue to work closely with the universities to attract the best candidates in our field.”

Back to the Ukrainian team, even though Ievgen is new in his role, he already has a good indication of the dynamics and needs in the Ukrainian team.

“I know who needs support and what needs to be changed. It is much easier to become part of a team when we are all together in the office. Unfortunately, it is not possible due to COVID-19, but I can’t wait for us all to be back in the office.”

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