ENABL’s Operators and Supervisors worked at Ishikari Offshore Wind Farm in Japan

During the summer of 2023, our dedicated Service team traveled to the Ishikari Offshore Wind Farm in Japan, a 122 MW capacity project.

Operators and Senior Supervisors, including James, Daniel, Lasse, and Simon went on a mission to assist our valued customer with the installation of 8MW offshore wind turbines.

This project marked our customer’s first venture into Japan’s commercial offshore wind sector.Supervisor James, ENABL

Supervisor and Operator James Marshall shared his thoughts on the project in Japan:

“It was an extremely enjoyable experience helping our customer install their first offshore turbines in Japan. Like any job, the project had its challenges, but we pulled together as a team to ensure its success. We operated equipment, facilitated operator training, and, most importantly, fostered a strong partnership with our customer.”

The team spent several weeks in Japan, operating ENABL’s Tagline Master Systems for safe and controlled lifting of wind turbine components. They also operated ENABL’s Janett Yoke, an offshore blade lifting yoke for the lifting of blades as long as 81.4 meters.

Supervisor Daniel, ENABL Ishikari Offshore Wind Farm in Japan Ishikari Offshore Wind Farm in Japan