ENABL delivers production equipment to Asian customer

Upon having entered into an agreement with an Asian customer, ENABL is at the brink of making its first delivery. The agreement prompts ENABL to deliver production equipment for the next generation of offshore wind turbine towers.

The production equipment empowers the customer to produce towers which measure up to 10 meters in diameter and comprise a section weight of up to 400 tonnes. ENABL will supply the Asian manufacturer with a full setup of production equipment for three production lines.

Rotators ready to go

A set of rotators make up ENABL’s first delivery to the customer. The functioning of the rotators has been verified through a FAT test, and the equipment is now ready for shipment.

Subsequent deliveries of equipment will go on during the following months until the plant is fully equipped. Commissioning is planned for the summer of 2023.

The Asian customer’s aim

By delivering state-of-the-art equipment, ENABL contributes to our customer’s aim to build a brand-new manufacturing plant meant for producing offshore wind turbine towers. In addition to familiar equipment, the deliveries to Asia consist of newly-developed hardware and robot technology, comprising a high level of automation.