ENABL Equipment for Welcon’s Largest Expansion Ever

Our customer Welcon has started the largest ever build-out of their factory in the history of the company. ENABL’s Multi Seam Welding Stations and customized equipment for growing lines are a part of the expansion for maximum output and significant time optimizations in the production of towers and foundations.

The expansion consists of a large plate preparation shop, a new surface treatment facility, additional storage, and 3 large welding shops. This enables Welcon to produce the largest offshore towers and innovative Stiesdal floating foundations.

When finished, Welcon has a total of 15 fit-up and welding lines with a capacity to produce 200,000 tons of steel for towers and 40,000 tons of steel for Stiesdal floating foundations per year.

CCO Tower & Monopile Torben Blaaholm

“At ENABL, we are pleased to continue our long-term cooperation with Welcon and to be a part of this expansion. The technology, the know-how, and the cooperation mean that we are able to develop and deliver state-of-the-art equipment for larger tower diameters and larger weights.  Welcon will retain a strong position in a competitive market” tells Torben Blaaholm, Sales Director at ENABL.

Welcon is already the largest producer in Europe of offshore towers and has delivered around 50% of all European offshore towers. The company will now by far be the largest European offshore tower factory.

Mass production and efficient production setup are key factors in keeping low prices for the wind energy. With this new factory expansion, Welcon will be able to increase capacity and capability significantly, producing both current and future sizes of towers and floating foundations in an efficient way.

ENABL Equipment for Welcon's largest expansion ever