ENABL completes conceptual study to improve walkway construction for blade OEM

ENABL has recently designed an entirely new walkway construction for a customer – a construction which can be installed within very few days and thereby improves the customer’s productivity substantially.

The customer manufactures blades and needs a walkway construction to move along the massive blade form in which blades are cast. Originally, the blade manufacturer spent a considerable number of days on installing the walkway – days which could have been spent more productively on the actual manufacturing process. The manufacturer therefore sought ENABL’s assistance in designing a construction which could be installed significantly faster than the original one.

Keen to improve the customers’ productivity, Thomas Overgaard Jørgensen, Professional Industrial Design Consultant, and Christian Falch Thrane, Mechanical Engineer, from ENABL initiated a conceptual study to identify improvement areas and ultimately devise a refined concept.

A comprehensive design processThomas Overgaard Jørgensen

To initially gain an overview of the customers’ needs and the challenges connected to the original walkway construction, Thomas and Christian visited the customer to do some research of their own. Having identified a number of improvement opportunities, they commenced the sketching of various solutions. Together with the customer, a specific solution was singled out, allowing Thomas and Christian to delve into the design specifics.

In the designing of the walkway, Thomas and Christian’s overarching task was to generate the ideas for an effective, well-functioning construction. In this process, they considered and evaluated a number of factors, including materials, assembly methods, and possible modular constructions.

As part of the conceptual study, Thomas and Christian also considered the need for staff to install the walkway. To be able to reduce the installation time, it was, accordingly, essential to meticulously outline the distribution of roles throughout the installation process.

As Thomas and Christian completed the conceptual study, the project was handed over to a team of engineers. The team concretized the initial concept study by making detailed construction drawings and calculations – all in all verifying the design before it was finally handed over to the customer.

As a result, the ENABL team managed to design a walkway construction which the customer would be able to install within only very few days – a significant reduction compared to the installation time needed for the original walkway.

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