ENABL A/S acquires KNN Support, expanding its consulting business

They are all very familiar with the operational work on wind turbines and include specialists, quality staff, heavy lift staff and site management.

KNN Support will continue operations as usual, and one of the company’s two owners, CEO Klaus Nikolaj Nielsen, will continue in the new set-up, while the other, CFO Vivi Winther Sejr, will be leaving the company.
Founded in 2008, KNN Support has experience in the wind sector and a large number of global projects. At ENABL, CCO of Consulting, Henrik Mathiesen, looks forward to adding new spheres of competence at ENABL.

“We need to grow to meet the needs of our customers in the wind industry. Now we have new competencies that we did not have before. The consultants at KNN Support are more operational than the consultants we have at ENABL. The acquisition is an important part of our growth strategy, because there will be increasing demand for this area from customers in the future. Wind energy is a solution component in reducing CO2, so we will need more resources in the future,” says Henrik Mathiesen.

More expansion in the coming years
Among the many global projects carried out by KNN Support are onshore and offshore site management on wind turbine installations, as well as supervision of tower production facilities. CEO of KNN Support, Klaus Nikolaj Nielsen, is thrilled to continue to be a part of the future KNN Support under ENABL A/S.

“Customers can still contact me and everything will continue as before. In the future, I will use my network and be the public face of the company. We have better opportunities to grow by becoming part of the large organisation that ENABL is. We operate quite a lot in Scandinavia, but we want to reach beyond the borders and follow our customers into other countries,” says Klaus Nikolaj Nielsen.

ENABL A/S believes there will be more expansion in the coming years.

“We are looking at significant growth in the coming years, and we are constantly trying to add more in terms of wind energy to our business,” says Henrik Mathiesen.