Meet Arun Thamizhselvam, Senior Engineer, ENABL India

Arun is a Senior Engineering Consultant, assigned to assist some of the biggest wind energy companies with his expertise. In Arun, our customers benefit from a dedicated Mechanical Engineer with an MBA in Project Management. Also, Arun is a university topper with 10+ years of stacked experience in new product development, heavy engineering, and project management.

To give an insight into his work at ENABL, Arun has answered a few questions.

What does a typical workday look like to you?

My typical workday includes meetings with global entities, assisting clients in mission-critical areas of project implementation. This involves initiating and driving preventive, corrective actions to solve faults and improve wind turbine performance. Presently, I work with one of the global leaders in the wind industry on identification of systemic root causes.

What do you like about working at ENABL?

At ENABL, I feel unfettered. If I can do something better than how it used to be done, I am encouraged. There is a sense of belonging. People play supporting roles in movies, and those roles have a powerful impact. At ENABL, when we work with clients, we are expected to do something similar – act out supporting roles that leave a lasting impact.

What’s more, ENABL has a flat hierarchy, and I interact freely with our Management Team in India. Anytime I need a little push, all I have to do is reach out.

The opportunity to expand your knowledge is also great. I am an expert in problem solving tools, Six Sigma, CREO, Excel Macros, Power BI, automation tools, and some advanced software applications, which I use every day.

What is the overall purpose of your role as a consultant?Senior Engineer Arun

Each project has unique process gaps and problems, so I use my knowledge, tools, and experience to identify gaps and solve issues.

What do you think is the best part of your abilities?

I like to think of myself as a sponge that can soak up knowledge. Also, attitude can win the game. When one adapts to the environment, performance is above actual abilities.

What are your best achievements till date?

I have automated a training plan for mechanical design in ENABL and created a Power BI report for the ENABL India Mechanical Design team. Also, I have been a “One-Day CEO” in ENABL, thanks to the star ratings of my colleagues.

Is there a fun factor to working at ENABL?

I appreciate being part of the organizing team which handles team outings, upskilling/training programs, and corporate events