Congratulations to 20-year jubilee Birthe Sørensen

Birthe Sørensen reaches a milestone on October 1.

You can ask Birthe Sørensen about almost anything! Due to her 20th anniversary at ENABL, she is a huge knowledge base and NAV expert, providing help and support to a lot of her colleagues, suppliers and customers. She has truly been on a wild journey.

“Birthe is a great asset to our organization. Always hard-working, dedicated and providing fantastic support for our project managers. Also, she can create an overview, and spot the needs for improvements.” tells Torben Midtgaard, Supply Chain Manager.

Technical Designer is her official title. But throughout her career, she has been working with 2D/3D construction, spare parts, running-in of Navision, purchasing, building up supply chain systems and many more tasks.

Back in 2002, she joined Eltronic with a total of 40 employees. She has been on an interesting journey from a small Danish company to a large global player in the wind industry. Now, she counts 730 colleagues in ENABL.

When you ask her colleagues, they are telling, that she adapts very fast when new tasks need to be solved. Also, she likes the fast speed in the industry and is truly committed to the projects.

Recently Birthe has been involved in the project with the blade lifting yoke Janett no. 7. “We fought internally and externally in the supply chain challenges, and I truly enjoy working across our large organization to succeed in the projects and reach our goals.” Birthe tells.

We wish Birthe Sørensen a big congratulation on her 20th anniversary.