10 years-jubilee enjoys the high speed in the wind energy business

10 years ago, Project Manager John Hedegaard Christensen was called by a former colleague about a vacant position in Eltronic. He responded and has been employed in Eltronic, then Eltronic Wind Solutions and now ENABL ever since.

John is an educated Mechanical Engineer, and a common thread in his career at ENABL is the high speed and development in the business.
“I have experienced high speed since the first day, and it has never stopped. Another thing to highlight is the possibility at ENABL to follow the production and the development with robotic equipment and automated processes,” says John.

Working with Tagline System
In the beginning of his career at ENABL he worked with the Tagline System and has done it ever since.
“We developed tagline systems and associated interfaces, serviced, mobilized and demobilized existing equipment on large onshore and
offshore cranes in Denmark and abroad. When I experience the big wind turbine components, jack-up installation ships and cranes, I am impressed. Developments in the industry are wild. The cranes we made equipment for when I started are too small for the wind turbine types on the market today,” says John.

A wind turbine blade was once 40 meters but now it has grown to 100 meters.
“This is a part of the development in the wind turbine business. At ENABL we have the capacity to work with all kinds of customers all over the world. When I started my career in Eltronic we worked with two customers in a few countries. The demand for the equipment grows all the time and the development never stops.”