10-year jubilarian Thomas Overgaard Jørgensen utilizes drawing skills for concept development

Thomas Overgaard JørgensenOn February 1, 2023, Professional Industrial Design Consultant Thomas Overgaard Jørgensen celebrates his 10-year anniversary with ENABL.

At ENABL, Thomas is part of the Fast Track department, preparing projects with a team of skilled engineers. Thomas, however, has a background which is different to the background of most of his colleagues.

As a trained industrial designer from Aarhus School of Architecture, Thomas brings creativity to the work process. Back in 2013, Thomas was offered a position as Consultant at BIIR and had his first encounter with the engineering field. As BIIR joined the merger into ENABL in 2021, Thomas brought not only his creative mindset but also a comprehensive technical foundation, which makes up a great advantage in his collaboration with ENABL’s engineers.

Creativity complements technicalities

The Fast Track department can participate in the preliminary work on projects which are later passed on to other departments. In the preliminary project phase, Thomas applies his drawing skills for concept development and for conveying ideas in an efficient and comprehensible way.

The creative tools which Thomas masters make up a great supplement to the technical engineering field. By facilitating design processes and drawing up free-hand sketches, Thomas can easily depict new concepts as well as clarify the complexity of projects. The sketching process is of great value in the preliminary project phase as it improves quality by detecting and solving problems before the actual construction process. It is cheaper to solve problems early on in the process, and the initial sketching thereby contributes to saving both time and resources.

Contrary to his engineering colleagues, Thomas does not approach projects based on their specific requirements specifications. Rather, he views projects from a wider perspective by considering the interplay between all elements and by generally focusing on usability, which aids in clarifying technical challenges.

During his time with ENABL, Thomas has, among other things, been involved in developing:

  • A rotator system for a new customer segment
  • A walkway system for the production of blades
  • New ways for installing wind turbine components.

Highlights from working at ENABL

To Thomas, one of the exciting things about his job at ENABL is that he gets to work with large-scale product development. Early on in his career, Thomas opened a design studio and was, among other things, involved in designing speakers, wood stoves, toys, and hospital equipment – that is, products of a much smaller scale than those which he designs today.

Thomas enjoys working with the large-scale and technically challenging projects which ENABL takes on, and he appreciates the fact that his role as a consultant allows him to encounter many different types of projects.

We are happy to congratulate Thomas on his 10-year anniversary with ENABL!