Vice President has a penchant for hiking and a global environment

54-year-old Flemming Johannesen recently joined ENABL as Vice President, Supply Chain Management and he is especially happy about the global environment in the company.

“The global setup in ENABL motivates me with locations around the world. ENABL will experience future growth and in supply chain we will also be involved in the new countries. In India and China, we have supply chain employees, and it is exciting to explore the benefits of the different countries and the culture within ENABL,” says Flemming Johannesen.

Flemming Johannesen

He has known Eltronic since 2000 and has always had a good impression of the company.

“I bought automation solutions and I could always count on Eltronic to stay in the project regardless any challenges,” tells Flemming.

ENABL is a global player in solutions for the wind energy industry created by joining four engineering companies and knowledge enterprises.

“It is an exciting journey, and it gives me great freedom to act since there is no one saying, “That is what we use to do”. I also like the idea of us providing solutions for almost the entire value chain for those who make the products for the green transition,” tells Flemming.

Machinist and Mechanical Engineer

Flemming’s educational background is Machinist, Mechanical Engineer, and Master of Production Technology. During his career, Flemming has had several responsibilities: production, technique, planning, and supply chain.

“Management has been a natural part of my development. As a manager I appreciate early involvement, and good information and communication are always important. I break down assignments into small projects and I am very goal-driven and always appreciate good teamwork.”

His first impression of his colleagues in ENABL has been positive.

”It is nice to feel that everyone is solution-oriented, they listen, and are open for changes. So far I am very happy.”

Privately Flemming is married, has three children and the dog Aslan.

“I love being outside walking the dog, driving my mountain bike, or tracking. In the outdoor I have some of the best thoughts.”