Four Legacies – One DNA

To get to the heart of the ENABL DNA we need to understand where we came from. By combining the specialized knowledge and competencies of four unique companies, a powerful new partner was born. ENABL supports enterprises within the wind energy industry with services and solutions so they can focus on their core work.



The new global player in solutions for the wind energy industry.

ENABL is the new global player in solutions for the wind energy industry – one strong global brand created by joining four highly specialized engineering companies and knowledge enterprises: SONNE A/S, BIIR A/S, Blaaholm A/S and Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S.

The merger, which came into effect on March 1, 2021, is the result of an ambition to satisfy the strong growth in the wind energy sector, which increasingly calls for players that can develop, plan, and execute large projects and offer consultants and outsourcing. As its name suggests, ENABL is ready to facilitate this growth with a unique palette of solutions that realize the operations of wind energy enterprises globally.



Consultancy across the entire value chain.

Combining the knowledge and expertise of SONNE and BIIR into ENABL’s offering means our customers can be more flexible and scale their activities up and down as needed. We can assist with outsourcing across all disciplines: Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, grid management and project management.



Turnkey solutions for towers and monopiles.

Over 15 years of specialization in towers and monopiles from Blaaholm means ENABL is fortified with expertise in both black production (pre-painted) and white production (painted towers). Fortifying ENABL with Blaaholm’s expertise in towers and monopiles, we have unique knowledge that other competitors simply don’t have.


Eltronic Wind Solutions

End-to-end solutions for production, transportation, installation and service.

Eltronic Wind Solutions’ (EWS) vast experience in equipment solutions for turbine components adds the finishing layer of expertise to the ENABL brand. EWS always offers total solutions, from consulting and conceptual design to development and delivery within nacelle and blade production, installation, transportation, testing and service.