Semi-Automatic Sanding

Faster and more efficient sanding of any type of wind turbine components with a much more consistent finish.

We solve your challenges with dust in your production and provide you a higher quality.

Semi-Automatic Sander (SAS) is an advanced robotic solution which performs sanding treatment at all types and sizes of wind turbine blades and other main components. The actual sanding process is fully automatic. The unit is able to detect the shape of the blade without preprogramming, and it is controlled by one operator only.

Compared to manual sanding, a semi-automatic sanding unit will perform the sanding process faster, more efficient, economical and with a much more consistent finish.

Our solution reduces your automatic sanding process up to 40 %.


Your Advantages

Cost effective

Operational costs are low and the number of man-hours compared to manual sanding is heavily reduced.


The Semi-Automatic Sander can be used for all blade types and sizes of sanding material.


The sander is a compact unit easy to maneuver.

Extremely fast

Able to sand bot in the downward as well as in the upward motion. Ensures a very fast sanding process.

EHS - Environment, Health & Safety

Improves all aspects of the working environment and guarantees a safer workplace without white fingers and static electricity.



Your Direct Contact

Contact our Sales Director Jakob Kristensen or Sales Manager Klaus Mikkelsen for more information on our Blade Production Equipment.

Klaus Mikkelsen

Sales Manager, Production Technology

+45 30 17 87 97

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