Remote support by AR Technology

We Offer Augmented Reality (AR) Technology through a RealWear Headset.

The benefits for you are:

  • Quick troubleshooting

  • Improved technical assistance
  • Fast and efficient solutions to errors
  • High uptime
  • Time and cost savings

A RealWear Headset Is All You Need

With a RealWear headset, you get remote support and training in a very efficient way.

With the RealWear headset, your operator can share what he sees with ENABL’s specialists. We quickly get an overview of the equipment and the challenges the operator has.

As a result, we are able to effectively guide and support the operator to the right solution.

It’s swift Plug & Play for the operator. The solution requires only:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Login to Microsoft Teams

The operator puts on the headset and makes a Microsoft Teams call using just their voice.

It can really be a game changer for your company’s operational efficiency and cost picture. 

Advantages of a RealWear Headset

  • The operator can move around freely and use the necessary tools in a safe way
  • The operator communicates with the headset via voice
  • Hands-free operation
  • Powerful sound
  • Can be worn with a helmet and safety goggles
  • Battery life of up to 9–10 hours

Hands-free operation

Plug & Play for the operator

Battery life of up to 9–10 hours

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