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ENABL Mobile Robot (EMR)

We optimize your production and provide you a higher quality.

The ENABL Mobile Robot (EMR) is an advanced robotic solution for all types and sizes of wind turbine blades and other main components, including:

• Sanding
• NDT scanning
• Blade cleaning
• Painting (being developed)
• Filler application (being developed)

These are examples of applications already developed or under development. Other features may be added to extend and improve the performances of this mobile platform.

Your Benefits


Low operational costs and the number of man-hours compared to manual sanding is heavily reduced.


Safe sanding of any type of wind turbine component. Up to 98% of dust particles are retained by the dust suction system.


The sander is a compact unit that is easy to maneuver.

Extremely fast

Able to sand both in a downward and upward motion. Fast sanding process, up to 200 m2/h.

Improved EHS – Environment, Health & Safety

Improves all aspects of the working environment and guarantees a safer workplace without white fingers and static electricity.

High reach

Working range in height, up to 7.5 m.

Semi-Automatic Sanding

Flexible, fast and safe sanding of any type of wind turbine component.

A semi-automated sanding unit from ENABL is an advanced robotic solution that performs sanding treatment of all types and sizes of wind turbine blades and other main components.

The actual sanding process is fully automatic, and the unit is able to detect the shape of the blade without pre-programming and is controlled by just one operator.

Due to an integrated dust suction system, well-known issues with dust in the production facility are reduced to a minimum, and as a result the working environment is significantly improved. The unit is able to operate with all types of sanding materials.

Compared to manual sanding, a semi-automated sanding unit performs the sanding process faster, more efficiently, economically and with a much more consistent finish.

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NDT Scanning

Fitted on a frame that can be mounted on the hydraulic arm of the EMR, the NDT equipment can be used for the scanning process.

Reduced lead time

Process optimization

Improved working environment


The EMR can be modified to handle a painting process. The actual process and techniques are worked out with the customer.

Optimized daily operation

High productivity performance

Customized solution

Blade Cleaning

A system of brushes fixed to the sanding head ensures that the surface is left clean and ready for painting. Often this feature will save the blade manufacturer a working process.

Reduced lead time

Sanding and cleaning in the same process

Improved health, safety and environment

Filler Application

It is possible to mount a filler application tool on the hydraulic arm of the EMR, allowing the filler to be applied to the blade smoothly and in an HSE-friendly manner.




Optimized operation

Increased quality

Improved health, safety and environment

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