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Retrofit Solutions

By adding new technology to your production through renovating or upgrading of your existing column & booms, you can achieve significant process optimization.

A retrofit solution of column & booms is a good investment with a short payback time.

  • Do you need to modify or upgrade existing column & booms?
  • Do you want to cut costs and reuse your existing column & booms?

The solution can be a retrofit solution, where we upgrade the column & boom to create optimal conditions for your production.

Benefits of a Retrofit Solution

  • You achieve cost savings by not having to invest in new equipment.
  • You have the opportunity to adapt production to new customer requirements, such as larger diameter items.
  • You can replace worn equipment with new without having to replace the entire column & boom.
  • You achieve improved welding quality by replacing unstable and worn welding equipment.

Cost savings 

High welding quality

Replace worn equipment

Retrofit Solutions

Weld larger diameter workpieces

Replacement of column on existing column & boom to be able to weld workpieces with a larger diameter.

New control system

New control system replaces old control systems.

New welding equipment

New welding equipment replaces worn welding equipment.

Robotic welding system

Conversion and preparation of column & boom for robotic welding system.

1000 kg Liner system

1000 kg Liner system replaces 25 kg and 100 kg coils.

1000 kg Bigbag system

1000 kg Bigbag system replaces heavy handling of 25 kg bags and minimizes production stops.

New cables

New cables replace worn cables.

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