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Tower & Monopile Division

ENABL is known for its high-end engineered customized solutions.

Torben Blaaholm

Torben Blaaholm, Sales Director of Towers & Monopile, has worked with engineered solutions to the wind industry since 2000, starting with tower production at Vestas Towers.

You will find a lot of equipment carry the Blaaholm name world-wide.

Innovative solutions, sublime project management, honest communication and high quality are Torben’s key issues, which he strives hard to transform around the company.

Torben is also a Mechanical Engineer – A Passionate One

He is hardworking to develop innovative technical solutions. Solutions that solve our customers’ precise technical challenges.

Optimization through Innovation emphasizes the way we work and the solutions we develop. Only when the solution has optimized the production at the customer then we are satisfied and proud.

Why choose us?

We Create Efficiency in your Production

We are innovative specialists! We are obsessed with our solutions to optimize processes in your business. And we are working hard on that.

We Provide High Uptime

Many can produce a solution. Few can provide the uptime, the online support and service you experience with us.

Reach a Stronger Position on the Market

We know what we're talking about! That's why we dare to challenge you, so that you reach your goals and reach a stronger position in the market.

We Collaborate with You

We involve you in all stages of the project to truly understand the scope of the project and solve your challenges.

Welding Process Specialists

Since 2000, we have developed customized solutions for customers in the wind industry.

Our innovative approach and close cooperation with customers always open up for new optimizations in the welding processes which is crucial for efficient production. You can find our Engineers in the workshop testing new solutions and prototypes.

The benefits of our solutions supports your production in being cost-effective, scalable and future-proof.