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Tagline Master System

ENABL provides a wide range of Tagline Systems for safe and precise control during lifting operations.

Next to safety, the most important features of equipment for wind turbine installation is ease-of-use, reduction in overall installation time and equipment reliability.

With over 21 years of experience, our specialists design and develop equipment that guarantees you controlled, safe lifting even at high wind speeds.

Your Benefits

Safe to use

You control the system remotely, thereby eliminating manual handling and improving safety at the site.

Less downtime

Your ability to install wind turbines at high wind speeds minimizes the time required for installation.

Patented system

The only intelligent and 100% automatic system on the market.


Can be operated by just one operator.


You can easily adapt it to fit different crane types and combine it with various types of lifting equipment.

No paperwork

ENABL takes care of the entire documentation and crane approval process.

Safe Lifting in High Wind Speeds

Wind turbines are increasing in size and are being installed further from shore, where high wind speeds are prevalent.
The precise control of wind turbine components during lifting operations is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of your personnel and wind turbine components.

ENABL offers Tagline solutions that allow a safe and controlled guiding process for rotors, nacelles and blades in any site conditions.

Just one operator

Patented system

Safe and controlled lifting

Technical Specifications

  • For onshore and/or offshore use
  • Available with tablet
  • Data logging
  • Operator training
  • Full service package
Customized solutions
  • Variable pull force limit
  • Variable max. rope speed
  • Variable rope operating angles
  • Variable rope length and size
  • Variable mounting options

Tagline Solutions

Tagline Master on Ballast for Offshore Use

With the Tagline Master System on ballast, you have complete control of the load – even at high windspeeds and when installing large wind turbines far from shore.

Tagline Master on Traverse System for Offshore Use

A traverse system is a system meant to be mounted on a crane and used as guiding equipment when installing nacelles and blades on offshore and onshore wind turbines.

The traverse system consists of two main assemblies: the bottom traverse and the top traverse.

Between the bottom assembly and the top traverse, a guide
wire and a tagline wire are running on each side of the crane boom.

Tagline Master 4 System

The Tagline Master 4 System placed on a traverse system with an extra set of Tagline Masters for both horizontal and vertical stabilization.

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