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Service Equipment

Flexible service technicians keep your equipment operating.

We provide service equipment to guarantee you high operational stability – Wherever Wind Is.

ENABL provides service equipment for:

  • Blade Clamps
  • Capstan Winches
  • Tagline Master Systems
  • Rotor Stands

Increased availability of equipment

High productivity performance

High operational stability

Get in Touch

Do you need to ensure high operational stability? We offer service equipment tailored to your exact needs.

Brian Marcimak

Sales Director, Lifting & Transport Equipment

+45 21 71 57 43

24/7 Remote Support

We have specialists to support you 24/7 – Wherever Wind Is.

If the issue cannot be solved over the phone, our technicians can assist you by Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

With a RealWear headset, your operator can share what he sees with ENABL’s specialists. We will quickly get an overview of the equipment and the challenges the operator has.

Therefore, we will be able to effectively guide and support you – wherever you are.

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