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Rotating Ground Connections

Rotating Ground Connections are used for the transfer of volts and amps to the workpiece during the welding of towers, tanks and pipes.

Rotating Ground Connections are crucial in the welding process to maintain a stable transfer of volts and amps.

  • Do you want to ensure a stable grounding system?
  • Are you looking for a strong grounding system with a long life and low maintenance level?

Let us find suitable rotating ground connections for your project.

With a Rotating Ground Connection, You Achieve a Safe and Stable Connection

  • A rotating ground connection ensures the stable transmission of volts and amperes.
  • The rotating ground connections are robust and strong structures, which means long life.
  • Low maintenance on the ground connections.
  • FGS – Fixed Grounding Solutions are another type of ground connection where the contact is outside of the workpiece and in a fixed position. So you don’t have to worry if the connection is good or bad.

ENABL has developed four types of rotating ground connections, as well as an extender.

A stable transmission of volts and amperes

Robust and strong structures

Low maintenance on the ground connections

ENABL Rotating Ground Connections

BKK400 | 400 amp.

BKK800_B | 800 amp.

BKK2500_B | 2500 amp.

BKK4000_B | 4000 amp.

BKK350 | 350 amp.

NIES Rotating Ground Connections

PZ3 | 2000 amp.

PZ2 | 2000 amp.

K2 | 1200 amp.

NKK800+1200 | 800 and 1200 amp.

NKK400+600 | 400 and 600 amp.

NKK2000 | 2000 amp.

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