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Liner System

ENABL’s 1,000 kg liner system makes the welding process more efficient.

Handling of welding wire on the 1,000 kg liner system is significantly faster and easier.

  • Do you spend too much time reloading welding wire?
  • Do you want to avoid stops when changing the welding wire?

A 1,000 kg liner system can solve these challenges.

1,000 KG Liner System Means Less Manual Handling

  • A 1,000 kg liner system means fewer man-hours.
  • Production is optimized by replacing 25/100 kg coils to 1,000 kg liner. Manual handling is significantly reduced because the number of replacements is reduced.
  • The working environment is significantly improved.
  • The liner system has a payback time of less than two years.
  • The liner system can be customized to all brands of wire and machines. 
  • Combine the 1,000 kg liner system with a Butt Welder for even further savings on time and welding wire.

Customized to all brands of wire and machines

Fewer man-hours

Payback time of less than two years

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