Kristian Toke Hovesen Lynghede
Technical Project Manager

Meet Kristian Toke Hovesen Lynghede

Have you ever considered using consultants in your business?

ENABL business area Consulting & Outsourcing has more than 300 highly qualified Engineering Consultants, Project Managers and Designers working across the entire value chain of your business as a part of our product Engineering Services.

ENABL’s Technical Project Manager, Kristian Toke Hovesen Lynghede is currently working as a consultant for one of our customers in the wind energy industry. Kristian is working with technology transfer – a production line from Denmark is moved and established in China, including new tools and production equipment. He is also a part of the production of the first units leaving the Chinese production facility, to ensure all tools and equipment are running according to plan.

“My job includes a lot of planning, and a timeline is very useful to me for meeting project deadlines. Working as a consultant suits  my personality perfectly, because I can concentrate on the assignment and nothing else.”

With consultants from ENABL you can expect fully dedicated employees with years of knowhow and understanding of the field they work in.

“I have worked as a consultant for eight years and I work very independently. I am structured and I make sure the project is planned the best way possible. Working as a consultant at ENABL gives me the chance to grow within the company and work on different assignments and for different customers,” says Kristian.

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