ENABL expands in the US to accommodate growth on the offshore market

ENABL A/S, with 500 employees, is opening its first US office on 1 August. Bjarke Hansen has been appointed Managing Director.

“A new political climate in the US means we now expect the offshore market to start taking off. As it is still in its early phase, our initial focus will be on supporting the onshore market. Proximity to the customers and their operations is crucial, which is why we’re opening our first office in Florida,” says Martin Olesen, VP Service at ENABL.

The US has set a national target of 30 GW of installed offshore wind capacity by 2030. A central element of a new plan from the Biden administration, this will kick-start offshore wind operations and create ten-thousands of jobs in the industry over the next decade.

CEO at ENABL, Thomas Hedegaard, has big expectations for ENABL’s entry onto the US market:

“Our vision is to be a global partner and contribute toward growth in the wind turbine industry and renewable energy. ENABL is the primary supplier of equipment to the wind turbine sector in the US, and it is thus only natural for us to be present there where our customers are. European OEMs ship the necessary gear over to the US, and we can support them. We will have equipment and consultants on hand in the US, with additional back-up from our 300 consultants in Europe,” says Thomas Hedegaard.

ENABL has recently installed the first patented tagline-system in the US. This is a control system to ensure safe and effective lifting of wind turbine components during the installation process.

In addition, ENABL will sell standard solutions for installation and transport as well as consulting services for its customers, which are primarily Danish and European wind energy companies.

“Historically, we have had offshore customers in Europe and Asia. With this step, we hope that we can also add US customers to the portfolio,” says Martin Olesen.

ENABL’s US Managing Director, Bjarke Hansen, has lived in the US for 15 years and has lengthy experience of the American wind industry. He comes from a position as General Manager at Hydratech Industries USA and has previously held senior positions in the wind industry.